Medical Ethics and Law at the End of Life

A conference in Dublin, 17-19 January 2019

This is an international, inter-disciplinary conference bringing together different viewpoints on ethical, philosophical and legal issues arising at the end of human life (both the adult’s life and the child’s life).

Sponsored by:

Organised by:

  • Andrea Mulligan, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin
  • Christopher Cowley, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin

Confirmed speakers: (in alphabetical order)

  1. Lilian Alweiss, Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin
  2. Isra Black, Law, York University.
  3. Mary Donnelly, Law, University College Cork.
  4. Heike Felzmann, Philosophy, NUI Galway.
  5. Tom Finegan, Religious Studies, Limerick.
  6. Sarah Fulham-McQuillan, Law, University College Dublin
  7. Katherine Furman, Philosophy, University College Cork.
  8. Mona Gupta, Psychiatry, University of Montreal.
  9. Julien Hughes, Psychiatry, Bristol.
  10. John Lombard, Law, Limerick
  11. Barry Lyons, Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.
  12. Joan McCarthy, Nursing, University College Cork
  13. Simon Mills, barrister, Law Library, Dublin.
  14. Alexandra Mullock, Law, University of Manchester.
  15. Mary Neal, Law, Strathclyde.
  16. Peter Schaber, Philosophy, University of Zurich.
  17. Asim Sheikh, barrister, Law Library, Dublin.
  18. Tatjana von Solodkoff, Philosophy, University College Dublin
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